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Multistation home gym equipment makes it convenient to work out at home.
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When it comes to working out, there's no place like home. Many times getting to the gym is half the battle where your workout is concerned. But just think how convenient it would be to have the gym at home. Most people don't have the space required to outfit a professional gym, but there are home gym options like Powertec that bring the gym to you.

Multistation Home Gyms

    Multistation workout equipment was invented to take weightlifting out of the professional bodybuilding arena and make it more accessible to the average person. Compact pieces of equipment that featured stacks of weights manipulated with cables and pulleys were the way home gym machines used to work. But fitness enthusiasts today want more of a realistic free weight experience with a home gym that is still safe and one that won't take over the living room or require building an addition to your house. The feel of using free weights with the safety and efficient size of a cable machine is the idea behind contemporary multistation equipment.

No Cables, No Bars

    Current multistation equipment uses actual weight plates, typically not included, that are loaded onto lever arms rather than bars. This feature is what makes the workouts a free weight experience. But using levers instead of bars is what maintains the safety aspect that you would get with a cable machine. You won't be wielding pounds and pounds of plates because the machine is supporting them, kind of like a full-time spotter, and there are also stoppers built in place for additional protection.


    Ensuring you can do all the exercises you typically do at the health club plays an important part in getting a home gym. The exercises you can perform at home will depend on what equipment you end up buying. If you opt for a multisystem workbench, you will be able to perform many exercises for most muscle groups. A hypothetical full-body workout could include ab crunches, incline shoulder presses, shrugs, machine squats, calf raises, incline bench rows and overhead triceps extensions.

Do a Circuit or Invite Your Friends

    One of the enjoyable things about working out at home is that you can either go it alone if you're not in a social mood or, with multistation equipment, you can invite a couple of workout buddies over for some camaraderie and supportive encouragement. Having more than one station gives you the equipment and options to complete an effective circuit workout when you're working out alone. And the multiple stations easily accommodate two or three people working out at the same time.

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