The Gym Equipment to Enlarge the Gluteus Maximus

Your gluteus maximus is a strong, important muscle.
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Your gluteus maximus is aptly named as it is among the strongest muscles in your body. Located on your rear end, it helps drive many of your activities, from biking and running to swimming and jumping. Strengthening and enlarging the size of your rump muscle can boost your athletic endeavors and improve your aesthetics. A variety of gym equipment helps maximize your gluteus maximus -- if you perform the right exercises and use proper form.


    Dumbbells are versatile and effective in building your glute muscles, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. To enlarge your gluteus maximus, use dumbbells to up the resistance of exercises such as dumbbell deadlifts, lunges, step-ups and squats. If you can't yet lift a barbell, using dumbbells can be a good way to get started working your glutes. Dumbbells can also be safer than barbells because there is no bar to get trapped under; you can simply drop the weight if you can't lift the weight.


    If you're an advanced lifter or want to challenge your gluteus maximus to spur growth, using barbells for your workouts can do the trick. At 45 pounds before any weight is added, a barbell can help you create challenging workouts. Barbell exercises for gluteus maximus growth include the deadlift, squat, push press and good mornings. Again, proper form is crucial to getting results, so ask the trainer at your local gym for guidance and tips if necessary.

Resistance Training Machines

    If you want to perform a specific exercise, your gym may have a resistance training machine offering that option. Using machines can be helpful for beginners because the machine's motion guides you through the proper form. Of course, advanced lifters can also benefit from these machines, as adding large amounts of weight is as easy as changing the setting, and no spotter is required. Equipment such as the leg press, hip extension, leg curl and hip abduction machines can help you strengthen and increase the size of your gluteus maximus. Gym staff can guide you on proper use of these machines to maximize results.

Cardio Machines

    Many machines that focus on providing a workout for your cardiovascular system require your gluteus maximus to drive much of the motion. A study from the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Movement Sciences Center in Lincoln, Nebraska found that cardio machine exercises such as stair-stepping, elliptical trainers and treadmill jogging promote significant levels of gluteus maximus muscle activation.

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