What Are Some Positive & Negative Technology Training Impacts on an Employee?

Your training program should cover common scenarios employees may encounter.
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Embracing new technology can help businesses become even more profitable and productive. Although learning new technology will only help your employees become more valuable, don’t be surprised if you hear a few complaints when you announce training sessions. Anticipating both positive and negative effects can help you prepare when you introduce technology training into your workplace.

Decreased Productivity Short-Term

It will take some time until your employees know the new technology well enough to use it without needing help. Until they become experts, expect that productivity will decline. If you’ve got an important project coming up, it might be best to delay introducing the training classes until the project ends. You also might notice a decline in productivity due to the numbers of employees who must attend classes on any given day. The remainder of your staff will be responsible for handling the entire workload during the training period, which can result in delays and back logs.

Quicker Mastery

You could distribute manuals and ask everyone to learn the new technology on their own. Some of your employees might enjoy the challenge and quickly become experts. Others would use the manuals for coasters or become bored or overwhelmed after the first few pages. Experienced trainers know how to present material in a way that makes it understandable to adult learners. They break down the information into easily understandable parts and provide plenty of opportunities for your staff to try the new technology and ask questions.

Increased Motivation

Work can get a little boring and routine after years on the job. Learning new technology gives your employees a chance to grow and become excited about their jobs again. When a staff member begins to experience small successes during training, she might feel more confident in her abilities and proud of her ability to master new concepts. Make sure your trainers emphasize all of the ways that the new technology will benefit employees at the start of the training session. Even chronic complainers might find that there’s nothing to grumble about, particularly if the trainer mentions that the technology will help them and not make their jobs more complicated.


Expect that some of your employees will feel a little frustrated during training. After all, it’s a bit overwhelming to learn new terminology and procedures. Frustrated employees are more likely to complain that the new technology is a waste of time or that they’ll never learn it. Don’t ignore those complaints. If employees feel lost, chances are they won't fully understand how to use the new technology. Your training program should provide multiple ways for your staff to learn. The Novell website suggests that, in addition to classroom sessions, training also include elearning tutorials, individual coaching sessions and on-demand help desk tutorials that explain how to use certain features of the technology.

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