Four Characteristics of an Effective Training Program That Allows Employees to Learn Best

Play to the strengths of your students.
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The best way to help employees learn during a training program is to design a program that is upbeat and memorable. Combine your knowledge on the topic with your organizational skills and natural charm to keep your class engaged and eager to participate. Engaged employees will leave your program equipped with the knowledge they need and grateful that you were their instructor.

Trainee Specific

    The most effective training program is designed for the trainees. You would not use jargon and training heavy on acronyms for new hires unfamiliar with the industry any more than you would spoon-feed basic information to seasoned veterans. You should also be cognizant of the learning ability of the class. You may be able to skim over certain material they already know, leaving you more time to spend on more challenging topics.


    Effective training programs begin long before the class begins. You need to organize the information so employees have the knowledge they need before moving from one section of the training to the next. Make sure you have all the supplies, handouts, visual aids and other training materials you will need, and practice your presentation before people who are knowledgeable on the training topic. Their feedback will help you cover all the pertinent facts.


    Employees learn best when they have an chance to use the information during and immediately after the training. While lecturing is a necessary part of the learning process, give employees the opportunity to ask questions and test their understanding of the materials. When appropriate, such as with customer service training, use role playing to give employees an opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills. Assign students to teams and have each team read and orally present some of the lessons to the entire class.


    Some employees learn better with a hands-on approach while others prefer to read training guides. To play to all the strengths of employees, prepare a training program that utilizes a variety of training methods. Not only will the different approaches help employees learn, the reiteration of pertinent facts will emphasis the importance of the lessons to the employees' success. By using games similar to Family Feud, you can mix up the seriousness of training with a fun break that will help employees relax and interact as they learn.

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