The Best Places to Take a Resume to Get It Up to Date & Professional

A professionally edited resume can improve your chances of getting a job.
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If you need help updating your resume, you can get it from many sources. Resumes are so important that it’s best to select experienced professionals who understand what employers search for in a resume. Some will update the resume for you or show you how to do it on your own. You can get the editing services free, but this depends on where you go.

College Career Office

If you're a college student or an alumnus, you can find free help at your school’s career services center. A career counselor will look through your resume and offer suggestions to make your resume match the position you want. Make an appointment to see a counselor or walk in when the office is open.

Career Centers

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a free employment program through 3,000 career centers across the country. Job seekers can find various career development services at these offices, including resume assistance. Counselors meet with job seekers individually or teach groups resume writing skills at a workshop. The centers also have online resources that you can use to update your resume on your own.


Libraries do more than loan books; many also offer various classes to teach new skills to the community. Some libraries give career advice and resume assistance to job seekers. Depending on your local library, you can obtain assistance on a one-on-one basis or attend the library’s resume class or workshop.

Resume Writer

Professional resume writers learn their client's background and the type of position they want. They also take the time to research the industry you're interested in to find out what employers want. With all this information, a resume writer can create a resume with the right format and style for the targeted industry. Resume writers charge a fee for their services. You can find a certified professional resume writer through organizations such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches as well as the National Resume Writers Association.

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