What Do You Do the Night Before a Big Job Interview?

A full night's sleep will keep you relaxed and alert the next day.

A full night's sleep will keep you relaxed and alert the next day.

With your anticipation building, the night before an interview can be a stressful time. However, worrying will only lead to a disastrous interview the next day. Instead, focus your energy on productive activities that will help you land the job of your dreams. Time spent on mental and physical preparation will pay off the next day.

Research the Company

Spend some time exploring the company’s website. The more you know about the company, the more confident you’ll feel the next day and the more you’ll be able to contribute to the conversation with your potential employer. Ensure you have a thorough understanding of the company’s history, mission statement, recent financial situations and current events. Be able to identify the company’s top competitors and how they match up to your potential employer. By doing so, you will increase your industry awareness. Jot down a few questions you can ask your interviewer at the end of tomorrow’s meeting; this will prove to your interviewer you have a serious interest in the company.

Review Your Resume

Take a close look at your resume. If you need to submit a copy during the interview, scan the document for spelling and grammar errors. Get ready to answers questions about your past jobs, including your duties, successes and failures. "The Wall Street Journal" advises that you jot down some of your greatest accomplishments as well as the skills you needed to reach those goals. By writing this information beforehand, you’ll be better prepared to talk about it during the interview.

Harness a Sense of Calm

Create or identify "calm triggers" the night before an interview, suggests CBS News. This can be anything from your favorite motivational quote or a memento of a loved one – anything that relaxes your mind and gives you a healthy sense of perspective. Physical activities such as yoga can also help keep your stress hormones in check. If necessary, enjoy another dose of your “calm trigger” first thing in the morning.

Physical Preparations

You don’t want to spend the morning making last minute decisions concerning your outfit. Choose a professional-looking outfit the night before and leave it hanging in your closet. The same principle applies for breakfast. While you may not want to prepare your food a night ahead of time, have a balanced meal in mind for the morning. Finally, get a full night’s rest. The Daily Mail Online reports that sleeping less than eight hours a night can negatively affect your intelligence the following day.

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