Motives for Being a Teacher

Teachers guide their pupils as they learn and develop.
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While for some the prospect of standing in front of a room full of students and maintaining their attention is the thing of nightmares, for many teachers this classroom stage is a place of comfort. Every teacher can recount his own distinctive story of the life path on which he was traveling that lead him to become an educator; however, some common motives prevail.

Affinity for Children

    Few people who select teaching dislike children. Generally, people drawn to teaching enjoy spending time with children, shaping and molding them into the adults they will one day become. Selecting the field of teaching is particularly wise for people who have a natural way with children as they likely have less difficulty corralling their classes than those who lack this natural skill.

Make a Difference

    Teachers make a difference. It’s more than a bumper sticker slogan – it’s a fact. Many people can recount stories of teachers who helped shape their lives. Some people are eager to become these positive life shapers and select teaching as a means of allowing themselves to have this positive affect on the lives of others.

Produce a Change

    Some people select teaching not as a result of a positive experience that they have had, but instead as a result of a negative one. People who feel like they were slighted as students may be eager to enter the field due to a desire to do better than the teachers that they had when they were in school. An adult who spent years struggling with math thanks in part to a string of ineffective math teaches may be eager to become a teacher as a way of doing his part to ensure that other students have a more positive math learning experience than he did.

Continue Learning

    Those who possess a passion for learning commonly find themselves called to teach. This profession is, after all, one that celebrates – and even in some cases, mandates – workers to keep right on learning. By selecting teaching as an occupation, people who wish to increase their knowledge can do so, learning right along with their pupils.

Family-Friendly Schedule

    People who value time with their family are often drawn to teaching because of the family-friendly schedule. Women, for example, who want to have children and wish to stay home with these youngsters during the summer months can remain a part of the workforce while still keeping the summer months free to ensure that they can spend time with their family by selecting the field of teaching.

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