The Joys of Being a Teacher

Teaching is rewarding in many ways.
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Teachers face many challenges, often including large classes, disruptive students and a lack of supplies. But for many, dealing with these and other stressors is worth it. Teaching offers innumerable opportunities to experience joy -- both in the everyday work environment and internally, because teachers have the honor of knowing that they touch lives each day. Educators who love the work they do and the students they teach will experience the highest level of job satisfaction.

Making a Difference

    Teachers are America's unsung heroes, says LouAnne Johnson, author of "Teaching Outside the Box: How to Grab Your Students by the Brains." Johnson says teachers can give students the "hope to continue struggling against the poverty, prejudice, abuse, alcoholism, hunger and apathy" that are a part of so many children's lives. Teaching is much more than simply transmitting information. It is an opportunity to light a fire and to foster excellence.


    The act of teaching itself is a joy for many educators. Simply put, it is fun to talk about, demonstrate and start a discussion about something interesting. Teaching lets you ignite others with your passion for learning and demonstrate how others can become lifelong learners themselves. Successful educators will enjoy years of pleasure as they watch their students grow up and flourish as adults.

Staying Youthful

    Teaching provides a unique opportunity in our culture to maintain a spirit of youthfulness. Working around children and teens keeps teachers in touch with their world, and as a result, educators are unlikely to experience an "out of touch" feeling when dealing with younger generations. It is not only joyful to maintain a youthful, flexible attitude, but essential. Teachers carry the responsibility of teaching young people to be successful in an ever-changing world.

Vacation Time

    Teachers do not live the life of leisure that some suppose, although most enjoy lengthy summer vacations and winter and spring holidays. There are always papers to grade, training to attend and sports to coach. However, anticipating summer vacation is a joy that keeps many teachers going through the spring months. This schedule allows teachers to pursue other interests that can help them to be better educators. Many teachers seek experiences during this time that will enhance their teaching, such as vacationing in intriguing countries or attending conferences and summer institutes.

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