What Motivates You as a Personal Banker?

Customer satisfaction motivates personal bankers.
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Personal bankers are integral parts of a bank's daily operations. Bankers have more responsibilities than a teller and sit down with customers to talk one-on-one about their needs. Customers seek the help of a personal banker when they want to make particular transactions, such as opening an account or applying for a credit card. When personal bankers move up in the bank, they seek out positions like branch manager or mortgage consultant. If you are a personal banker, several motivating factors exist at work.

Happy Customers

    The core of being a successful personal banker is providing excellent customer service. Making customers happy is good motivation for anyone in customer service. Simple efforts like smiling, making eye contact, and not rushing customers goes a long way in ensuring their satisfaction. Listen to what your customers request and provide what they ask for -- don't make assumptions about their needs based on your interactions with previous customers. Consistently meeting your clients' needs reminds you that you are good at your job.

Sales Quotas and Incentives

    Banks are businesses that experience profit and loss. Whereas profits are important, sales are usually an indicator of success. Having a sales quota motivates a personal banker to work on her sales techniques and present more financial products to customers. Without quotas or incentives, the personal banker might be less likely to show a customer certain products or services that can really benefit them, such as a home equity line of credit. Therefore, sales quotas are good for both employees and customers.

Bank Reputation

    As a personal banker, you are driven to succeed by believing you work for the best bank in the industry. Your bank establishes loyalty to its brand in simple ways like providing a choice of trendy, modern looking uniforms to wear that promote solidarity. Pride in the bank's brand is also accomplished by feeling like your bank provides the highest quality products out there. Personal bankers believe they work for the best too when they can offer their customers the best interest rate, convenient mobile banking options, or other services that the competition doesn't offer.

Job Perks and Advancement

    Ultimately, a personal banker is motivated by job perks and the possibilities of being promoted. Perks can include paid time off for your birthday or office parties to celebrate achievements. It is inspiring to know that your hard work will lead to career advancement as well. Seeing coworkers actually move up the ladder encourages you to work harder for the bank so that you will be next in line for promotion.

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