What Motivates You to Be a Hard Worker?

The idiom of a carrot dangling off of a stick references the thing that motivates you to work.
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Knowing what motivates you to be a hard worker can help you to get a job, keep the one you have and inspire others to give their best. This ethic can also become a driving force to achieve new goals and push through a monotonous routine by doing more than the bare minimum of what's required.


    People will work hard to create a life filled with safety and security, according to Forbes.com. Your responsibility for your household and its future can motivate you to give your best in the present. Not everyone ends up doing what he loves, but a sense of duty to others can help you do your job well for those you love. Another form of responsibility relates to who you work with and the people over you. When you feel that others have your best interests in what they do it's easier to become loyal to them in the same way. This creates a reciprocal blessing, for if the company develops, you have more opportunities to develop.


    When you work hard and deliver results, that achievement alone can give you encouragement for your next efforts. Sometimes, this is more relational than external, such as a family member thanking you for your hard work or seeing someone else become motivated after watching you work. At other times, you may be rewarded publicly and tangibly for the hard work you've put in that others have noticed.


    There are many things that can make you a person motivated by impact, such as overcoming a stereotype or becoming the first person among your peers to achieve something significant. For example, employees who work for "green" companies are more likely to be productive workers, according to a study by UCLA researchers. These culture-changing benchmarks can become a trigger to achieve high-level gains within even limited possibilities. Those who criticize or doubt you will ignite your hunger to prove them wrong.


    As you consider your life and career, you may desire to do something with more prestige than your current job. A basic motivation can become to work your way up the corporate ladder internally or become more marketable for others to hire you to work for them. Guard yourself against becoming a self-centered interest, such as only caring about more attention or fame, or your greed can start to work against you.

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