When a Manager Overlooks Your Hard Work

Wallflowers don't get noticed; take credit for your work.
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A manager that overlooks your hard work may be taking you for granted. If you show up every day, bury your nose in your work and complete your projects without fanfare, you need to speak up for yourself. When you consistently do a good job and step up to the plate, a boss focused on putting out fires or dealing with problems can easily overlook your hard work

Know Your Worth

    Don't underestimate your worth because you don't receive praise from your boss. Just because your boss doesn't appear to notice all the work you are doing, it doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate it. She might have her attention on other issues. Keep track of your accomplishments to remind yourself of all that you do. It's easy to forget the hard work you put in when you are busy working. Make note of compliments from co-workers, and keep those notes with your performance records to present to your boss at your next review.


    Networking in the office helps to get you noticed and receive recognition for work completed on team projects.Take the time to get to know everyone in the office, even the people with whom you don't regularly work. Treat everyone with respect and learn to call each person by name. Beyond making yourself recognizable, office networking and socializing helps you get to know what everyone does. If you need help or assistance with a project, or they need help, each of you will know where to go. The more people you know, the more opportunities are available to you.

Take Initiative

    When you take the initiative, this helps you to stand out from the rest of the staff. Let your boss know that you are ready and willing to take on special projects. You'll build a reputation as someone who is willing to go the extra mile. Your initiative can help bring attention to your work and places your boss's attention right where you want it. Make it a practice to be proactive on work projects and your boss will appreciate you for it.

Take Credit

    You don't have to be a braggart to take credit for the work that you do. If you let others take credit when you do the work, you're letting others run roughshod over you. If you feel that your boss is ignoring your hard work, schedule a meeting to discuss these issues with her. Your boss may just need a nudge or a reminder of all that you do for her. If you don't stand up for yourself and let her know, chances are that no one will. Let her know that you enjoy your work, but that you would appreciate acknowledgment periodically.

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