How to Measure a Hand for Golf Gloves

Measure before you shop -- a small glove can pinch your hand while a big glove reduces club control.

Measure before you shop -- a small glove can pinch your hand while a big glove reduces club control.

So you've got your clubs, balls, bag, tees, spikes, sunglasses and even a perfect tee-off outfit to top it off, but you're still missing a key item in this accessory-chocked sport: the golf glove. Wearing one glove on the course isn't a tribute to the King of Pop -- it's vital to relieve tension in your nondominant hand, improve your grip and offer greater club control, all of which go a long way in improving your game. Thankfully, sizing up your hand for the right fit is a snap.

Enlist a partner to help measure your hand. You can wing it yourself, but you'll likely get more accurate results if you have a helper.

Hold up your nondominant hand, which will wear the glove, with your fingers just slightly spread out, as they are naturally when your hand is relaxed.

Wrap a flexible measuring tape snugly around the circumference of your hand, with the centimeter side up. The tape should cross your knuckles horizontally. If looking at your palm, the tape should run straight from the bottom crease of your pinky to just below the bottom crease of your index finger. Record the measurement.

Translate your measurement to a women's golf glove size. Seventeen centimeters equals size small, 18 is a medium, 19 is a medium-large and 20 is large.

Items you will need

  • Flexible measuring tape


  • Visit your local pro shop and try gloves on to get the best fit. Measuring your hand and getting an accurate size puts you on the right track, but nothing beats getting a feel for the glove on your hand. Your golf glove should feel snug, but it shouldn't restrict your movement or pinch your hand.
  • Size isn't everything -- pick the right material for your situation. Leather gloves provide all-around comfort and durability, while synthetic gloves offer an airy and affordable option. All-weather gloves cater to rain and humidity, while winter gloves provide extra thickness for chilly conditions.

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