Exercises to Slenderize the Neck

Tighten your neck and reduce a double chin with neck exercises.
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Whether your sagging neck is a result of aging or overeating, combining a sensible diet and cardiovascular exercise can help slenderize it. Neck slenderizing exercises have the added bonus of tightening your chin and, according to the University of Maryland, relaxing tight muscles. Of course, the best way to slenderize your neck is to slenderize your entire body, but when you combine your cardio with neck exercises, you might just see even greater results.

    Step 1

    Stand with your back straight, looking straight ahead, with your arms hanging at your sides.

    Step 2

    Tilt your head backward so you're looking up at the ceiling. Hold the pose for five seconds.

    Step 3

    Slowly return your head to its original position. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily.

    Step 4

    Lower your chin to your chest.

    Step 5

    Roll your neck gently to the side so your ear touches your shoulder.

    Step 6

    Roll your neck back gently and make a full circle, ending with your chin at your chest. If a full circle doesn't feel comfortable, make a half circle from shoulder to shoulder. Repeat the exercise five to 10 times.

    Step 7

    Lean your head sideways so your ear touches one shoulder.

    Step 8

    Place the hand of the arm on which you are leaning on the top side of your head and pull down gently, stretching your neck. Hold for five seconds, then repeat five times on each side.

    Step 9

    Lean your head back and look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips as if you were going to kiss someone and hold for five seconds. Release the tension, still allowing your head to hang back. Repeat the exercise five times.


    • Don't do neck-slenderizing exercises if you have pain in your neck, face or jaw. Use caution in rolling your head backward when making neck circles; if the motion is too painful, just go side-to-side.

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