Job Personality Tests

A job that suits your personality is rewarding.
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When you have the right job, the challenge and excitement can get your adrenaline pumping each morning. A job personality test can identify whether a job is right for you based on your individual personality traits. With some companies, a personality test is mandatory prior to getting called for an interview. You'll put in your best every day when you have a job that suits your personality, and the company will be happy they hired you.


The traits that you reveal in your personality tests can steer you toward a particular job. For example, humility and pride can show that you would be a confident salesperson in an educational or religious environment. If your tests identify that you adapt to settings in which you are told what to do, you could be considered a person who follows directions well. Job personality tests can help an employer but also yourself when you aren't sure which direction is best for you.

No Cheating

You can't cheat on a job personality test since there's no right or wrong answer. Unless you know the interviewer and have an inside scoop, you really won't know the personality the interviewer is looking for. Therefore, you can't gear your answers toward a particular personality type. Even if you can distort your answers, you won't be able to create the exact profile an employer is looking for. Honesty is the best policy.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular psychology assessments used as personality tests for jobs. If you are applying to a Fortune 100 company or a government or military agency, chances are the employer will ask you to take this test. Used internationally, Myers-Briggs has been translated into 24 languages. Only a certified MBTI professional can administer the test. If you are suited for a position, the MBTI will put in a good word with your employer.


If your job personality test reveals that teamwork is one of your strengths, it can help you get the job you are applying for. Teamwork affects an organization's productivity. An employer wants a person who has skills which complement the rest of the team, fits in with the organization, and demonstrates enthusiasm. With trends leaning towards less management and more accountability at the employee level, teamwork is a key personality trait which, if revealed, can be your trump card.

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