Ethical Characteristics in the Workplace

Good work ethics are essential for business practices.
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Ethical characteristics are the standards of right and wrong we display in daily activities. When someone acts in an ethical manner, she usually tries to do the right thing. There are many ethical characteristics employees in an organization display, which can reflect on the business as a whole. These characteristics form a company's reputation, and occur at every level in the organization. When individuals display ethical characteristics, they tend to work harder and are more productive.


    Honesty plays a key role in business. Employees should be honest when making a mistake instead of blaming someone else; management should be honest with employees concerning performance and reviews; and the company should be honest with customers when answering questions. Honestly translates into dependability, which can give you a reputation of being reliable. When things go wrong, customers are more likely to be patient when they know your company is dependable.


    Individuals who display integrity will choose to do right even when they are pressured to do the wrong thing. Personal integrity takes a degree of courage, and it is a conscious decision. When you act with integrity, others will see you as someone who can be trusted. You become an asset to the company, because there will never be a question whether you will treat others with respect.


    Holding someone accountable for her actions at work means she will do the jobs and assignments given to her. If the tasks are not completed on time, that same person will take full responsibility and will suffer the repercussions. Examples of accountability include, being at work on time and ready to perform your job to the best of your ability, being responsible for the tasks pertaining to that job and working toward the common goals of the company. To a degree, every employee within a company is responsible for the success of the organization. Employees who accept this responsibility hold themselves accountable for their actions.


    Ethical leaders hold themselves to the code of conduct set by the company. Leaders often display a strong character. They are disciplined, honest, and trustworthy, and they tend to put others before themselves. Ethical leadership characteristics set a good overall example for everyone in the company, and also conveys a positive message to the community and customers.

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