The Importance of Character in the Workplace

Your character is displayed through your words and actions.
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Creating a solid, professional reputation is essential to developing a successful career plan. Showing good character in the workplace sets you apart as a trustworthy individual and can help you attract allies, gain the support of colleagues and superiors, and improve your career trajectory.


    When you’re seen as a trustworthy individual, superiors are more likely to give you high-profile projects as well as autonomy in your work duties. You'll be confided in, given access to high-level corporate information, taken into confidences and seen as a competent employee. When you make presentations or present proposals, they're more likely to be looked favorably upon because you’ve established yourself as someone who follows through on what she says she’ll do.


    Co-workers and superiors appreciate colleagues they can depend on. Having this reputation positions you to move up the corporate ladder and receive increasing levels of responsibility and new professional development opportunities. You'll be asked to head teams and take the point on contracts because you'll be viewed as a leader who can get things accomplished.


    People of high character are seen as fair and equitable individuals. You’ll be trusted to appropriately manage budgets and teams, utilize resources and take on management responsibilities. You’ll also have your comments, input and suggestions taken seriously by higher-ups. In negotiations, particularly contract and salary talks, you’ll be viewed as someone who is equitable and deserving of advancement.


    Employees with good personal character are likely to be considered for promotion into management roles. You’ll be viewed as a good representative of the company who will fairly and reliably manage her staff. You’ll be trusted to make high-level decisions that are based on the best interests of the company rather than personal gain.


    People with good morals and ethics can motivate those around them and help improve the morale of a workplace. Those with good character are often stellar teammates and colleagues, supporting and helping co-workers, lending a hand when needed and boosting the moods and attitudes of other employees.

Business Outcomes

    The character of employees has a direct impact on the success of a business. Employees with good character provide quality, ethical business services, resulting in repeat and referral business. Highly regarded staffers also enhance a business’s reputation and standing in the community and contribute to its success and longevity.

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