Job Objectives for a Private Chef

There are 6,000 personal chefs employed in North America.
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A private chef helps an individual or family to eat healthful and delicious meals that incorporate dietary restrictions or nutritional requirements and that don't require any effort from the diner other than to eat the meal.

Food Safety

    Food safety is a primary objective for a private chef. A chef who prepares a fantastic meal won't be considered fantastic if the meal makes everybody sick. Private chefs follow food safety guidelines without exception when they are handling and preparing meals. If they are preparing meals to be packaged, they package them appropriately so they can be stored long-term without becoming spoiled.

Delicious Meals

    Another objective of a private chef is to create delicious meals that people love to eat and that follow dietary guidelines or restrictions. For example, a private chef might be challenged to create a delicious meal that only includes food on a doctor-prescribed list. Or, the chef might create a delicious meal for a family member who wants to lose weight. The goal of the private chef is to create a meal that provides great taste and dietary compliance.

Healthy Diet

    Private chefs help busy families to eat right. With parents working and children involved in sports and extracurricular activities, it's hard for some busy families to find the time to eat, never mind the time to spend cooking in the kitchen. Private chefs allow these families to maintain their busy lifestyles and to eat healthful and delicious food. Some families rely on a private chef to help keep their lives running according to schedule.

Adaptive Menu

    An important objective of a private chef is to learn how to listen to feedback from clients and incorporate the feedback into future menu selections without being offended by client preferences. Everybody's tastes are different and some clients will love a dish that others hate. A professional private chef listens to feedback and comments from clients and incorporates the feedback in a positive way into future selections and menus.

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