Demi Chef Job Description

A demi chef, also known as a station chef, is in charge of special areas in the kitchen.
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A demi chef is one of the few professionals whose job involves actually pulling your biscuits from the fire. When things go wrong in the kitchen, a demi chef is the person who makes sure problems get resolved. And when things are going well, she is the one responsible for keeping it that way.

Preparing meals

    A demi chef assists the executive chef with the preparation of different foods, from meats and sauces to vegetables and desserts. She also helps with the presentation and cooking, keeps her station up to federal, state and local health and safety standards, and sees that meals are prepared properly and in a timely manner. The demi chef also is in charge of troubleshooting problems that arise during the the course of a shift, such as a staff shortage or minor accidents.

Keeping a station stocked

    A demi chef generally assists in all kitchen-related duties, and that includes making sure his station is supplied adequately with food, ingredients and any non-food supplies, such as aprons or utensils. Often a demi chef is in charge of maintaining the kitchen budget for food and supplies. Sometimes he controls the budget and supplies only for his station.

Hiring and training

    The demi chef ranks high in the kitchen, usually behind the executive and sous chefs. This authority sometimes demands that the demi chef help the executive chef make hiring and other personnel decisions. Often the demi chef is responsible for scheduling staff, training new hires in kitchen procedures and etiquette and training cooks in various areas of food preparation and presentation.

Coordinating events

    Only some of the demi chef's job duties are related to the preparation or handling of food. Demi chefs often help the executive chef develop menus for and coordinate special events, such as banquets. In larger restaurants, the demi chef serves as a liaison between the banquet manager and the executive chef. In some smaller restaurants, the demi chef acts in part as the banquet manager.

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