Job Description & Salary for CIW Certification

CIW web professionals include designers, developers and security personnel.
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Web designer, web developer, web master. No matter what job title you give them, Internet web professionals invoke pictures of nerdy guys sitting in front of huge computer screens day in, day out. While men make up a majority of web developers and professionals, the number of females in web design has slowly increased each year, with women making up nearly 33 percent of all professionals in 2012. Certification Partners offers the industry standard CIW certifications for web professionals. Earning a CIW certification opens up employment doors for many web professionals.

Certification Types

CIW groups its certifications into four main types: foundational, design, development and security. Depending on the professional’s interest and skills, she can pursue one of the four main certification or specific designations within each of the main groups. Within the foundational group, professionals can become Internet business, site development or network technology associates, while the design group features web design and e-commerce specialist designations. The web development group includes certifications as JavaScript, Perl and database design specialists and the web security certification comes in three levels, associate, specialist and professional.

Job Duties

The job duties of a web professional with CIW certification are essentially the same as those without the designation. The exact job duties vary depending on the type of certification. Those with foundational certification manage Internet businesses, come up with ideas for new websites and provide networking services to clients. Web designers and developers create websites, develop web programs and applications and work with different types of Internet language. Web security professionals help protect Internet users from identity theft, fraud and other issues.

Education and Requirements

Earning CIW certification does not require any specific schooling, but gaining a position as a web professional does take a two- or four-year degree in web design, development or security. Certification Partners also requires candidates for certification to finish certification courses and pass certification exams. Depending on your style of learning, certification courses take place in traditional instructor-led classroom settings, as well as in online self-paced classes. Candidates must take the timed, multiple choice exams at a third-party computer testing center. Each certification class and exam also comes with its own fee and registration process.


While it may not be required for employment, CIW certification gives professionals a leg up in the industry, especially in terms of salary. A 2009 survey by Certification Magazine found that nearly one in five IT professionals received a promotion and raise within one year of earning certification. In 2010, the average salary for all types of web professionals with certification was $85,628 a year, according to Certification Partners. Other factors like age and experience also affect salary, with those in the 35 to 64 age bracket earning the most, between $100,000 and $109,000 a year.

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