Job Description for a Reservation Supervisor

A reservations supervisor trains staff to provide excellent customer service.
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A reservations supervisor is faced with the hefty responsibility of leading a team that is often the first point of contact travelers have with a property they’re visiting. She is responsible for managing reservations staff members, ensuring that workers are properly trained and always conduct themselves in a professional manner. She is also tasked with overseeing bookings, constantly working to increase the number of room reservations and maximize revenue for the property.

Staff Training

    Ensuring that staff members have detailed knowledge of the property is an essential component of the job of a reservations supervisor. Anyone interacting with customers must be able to answer basic questions regarding the property grounds and amenities offered. Reservations staff must also receive thorough training on products and services continuously offered, in addition to constant updates on current promotions and incentives to entice guests to book stays at the property.

Manage Subordinates

    A reservations supervisor is responsible for managing subordinates. Duties associated with this role include creating work schedules, assigning tasks, handling workloads, hiring reservations associates and ensuring the quality of work provided meets the expectations of the property. If the work produced or the behavior displayed by an employee is unacceptable, it’s her job to provide disciplinary action, or in extreme cases, termination.

Problem Solving

    When a subordinate is faced with a difficult situation, such as an irate customer or a lost booking, it is the job of the reservations supervisor to step in and assist. She must be a quick thinker with a sharp set of problem-solving skills, who is able to get to the bottom of an issue quickly to find a resolution that will satisfy the customer. Whether the problem was result of a staff error or a mishap on the part of the guest, she must always remain gracious, apologetic and pleasant to ensure a positive customer experience.

Customer Service

    As a member of the management team and a representative of the property, the reservations supervisor must be ready and willing to provide superior customer service at all times. Not only does this relate to booking inquires, but also to any other guest questions and concerns that may arise. She must know the details of the property intimately, in addition to having extensive knowledge of the surrounding area. Guests may ask questions on things such as restaurant recommendations and nearby shopping, and she should be prepared to answer them.

Education and Related Experience

    A reservations supervisor is typically required to have earned a high school diploma or equivalent. Candidates with a bachelor's degree in hospitality management or a related discipline have a competitive advantage. Employers seek professionals with previous experience as a reservations agent, especially those who have experience working with property management software systems. Experience working in sales is also a plus.

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