A Job Description for Experience as a Personal Assistant on a Resume

Note key aspects of your personal assistant career on your resume.
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The unique skills developed while employed as a personal assistant can make excellent bullet points for the work experience section of your resume. After creating individual entries for each position you held in the past, show off your know-how by briefly describing the tasks you mastered on the job. If you are preparing the resume for a specific application, tailor it to highlight the items that would most appeal to your potential employer.

Work History

    Before delineating the skills you perfected as a personal assistant, you need to present your relevant work history. Create a work experience listing for each position in which you list your employer's name, business location and indicate when you worked for the individual or company. If you are still employed as an assistant, use "Present" in place of an ending date.


    Make a list specifying the tasks you carried out as part of the job after each position featured in the work experience section of your resume. Keep the entries to the point by avoiding the traditional subject and verb sentence format and skipping right to the action. For example, the entry "I managed my employer's expense account" becomes "Managed employer's expense account." While the second sentence may seem terse, it allows the person reviewing your application to quickly take note of your abilities without unnecessary verbiage. If you have specific accomplishments relevant to a particular job responsibility, such as overseeing an important project, note the achievement.


    Personal assistants must pay close attention to details to successfully manage the professional or personal life an employer, so don't skimp on the details when listing your strengths. While saying that you "Managed CFO's calendar" provides accurate information, it offers no details about the skills that responsibility required. Stating "Managed CFO's appointments, coordinated on- and off-site meetings, and made travel arrangements" lets potential employers know that you did more than log events on a calender while keeping to the point.

Managing Similar Entries

    When your work history includes multiple stints as a personal assistant, you don't need to repeat uniform experiences on each resume entry. List the points most relevant to the job you are applying for under the entry that appears at the top of the "Work Experience" section. Specify only unique responsibilities under the entries for your other employers unless a uniform task was carried out in a different way. For example, if you managed a spending account for one employer using spreadsheets, but used professional accounting software at a different workplace, you should list budget management on each entry and specify the accounting tools used.

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