How to Inform Your Employer About Changing Jobs

Keep your meeting short and upbeat.
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You’ve got a great new job, but you need to take care of one little detail before you start your new position – telling your old boss. Whether you’ve accepted a job at another company or you’re transferring to a new position in your current company, it’s normal to feel a little nervous about informing your supervisor. Plan what you’ll say during the meeting to calm your nerves and ensure that you leave your current position on positive terms.

    Step 1

    Schedule a meeting with your boss. Choose a time of day when she’s not likely to be overwhelmed with work and can devote her full attention to you.

    Step 2

    Write a letter announcing your intention to leave your position. Include the date of the last day that you will work in your current position. Mention that you’ve appreciated your supervisor’s support and assistance during your time at the company. Bring the signed letter to the meeting.

    Step 3

    Practice what you will say to your boss. Your speech will mirror the content in your letter. It’s important to mention that you’ve accepted a new job, explain when you’re leaving and express appreciation.

    Step 4

    Announce your resignation at the beginning of the meeting and give your boss the letter. Don’t make a long, drama-filled speech. Focus on the facts of your resignation.

    Step 5

    Offer to help with the search for and to train your replacement, if your boss wishes. The Tech Republic website suggests that you also offer to work overtime to document the status of your projects and consider working as a consultant during the transition period.

    Step 6

    Ask your boss how she would like to handle the announcement of your resignation. Depending on the way in which resignation announcements are usually handled at your company, you might inform your co-workers or clients, or your boss might prefer to make the announcement.

    Step 7

    End the meeting by telling your boss that even though you are leaving your position, she can count on the same level of performance from you until your last day. Ask if she has any specific instructions for you during your last weeks on the job.


    • Deliver the news by telephone if your boss works in another location and you won’t be able to schedule a meeting with her soon. Although it’s tempting to just send an e-mail, a personal telephone call is the professional way to handle a resignation.


    • Don’t tell anyone in the office that you’re changing jobs before you tell your boss. Although your co-workers might promise to keep your secret, the word might get out if others know that you’re leaving. If that happens, your boss might be angry about the way in which you handled your resignation.

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