The Importance of Good Work Habits in the Workplace

Show up on time and ready to work.
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We usually spend more time at work with coworkers than we do with our families at home. The whole work thing becomes much more enjoyable if you like your job and the people you work with. Good work habits contribute to that feel-good vibe. As a matter of fact, the habits you develop at work affect many areas of your life and your career.

Getting Along

    You know how everyone shuns the negative diva who can’t find good in anything and does nothing but complain all day? Don’t be her. You’ll only compound your negative feelings and drive coworkers away. Good work habits like showing up on time, pitching in when others are overwhelmed and offering to stay late occasionally all help you build goodwill. In the end, these positive actions and your cheerful attitude will make your workplace a much more enjoyable place to go to every day.

Keeping Your Job

    There comes a time at every company when the employees who can’t do the job just have to go. No business can remain profitable with slackers who continually turn in shoddy work, can’t get along with their coworkers and consistently ignore the rules. Never mind getting ahead, or getting a raise. If you don’t develop good work habits -- being on time, cleaning up after yourself, pitching in and meeting deadlines -- you won’t have a job for long. Other good work habits that will help you keep your job include not using drugs or alcohol at work, dressing appropriately, working safely and leaving your personal problems at home.

Gaining Flexibility

    Once you develop discipline at the office, you can carry those good work habits on the road or to your home office. If your boss knows you’ll get the job done just as effectively when you work from home or on the road as you do when you’re under her glaring supervision, you may be allowed more flexibility in your job. You’ll have a good argument for being able to work from home or take that assignment that puts you on the road a couple days a week. Good work habits are just that – habit forming. And they can translate into greater flexibility when you make them a part of your modus operandi.

Getting Ahead

    The kinds of work habits you develop early in your career will have a direct effect on the level of success you achieve during your career. You won’t see promotions involving people who are constantly late or who can’t get along with anyone. People who break all the rules don’t usually end up with the corner office overseeing the masses; they are usually the ones grumbling in the basement. Manage your time effectively, maintain a positive attitude through every kind of situation, get your work done before it’s due and always look for ways to update your skills. These are the work habits that will not only get you noticed, but will ensure that you get more opportunities to advance your career in any direction you choose.

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