Importance of Employee Credibility in the Workplace

Gossiping hurts credibility in the workplace.
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You don't just talk about meeting deadlines and calling people back promptly. You stand by your words and get things done. When your workload becomes too much to handle, you know your limitations and speak honestly about what you cannot do. Because of your honesty and consistent responsible behavior in the workplace, you've earned your employer's confidence and trust. In the eyes of your coworkers, your credibility has made you a leader.


    Maybe your employer catches you texting in the middle of the day and publicly embarrasses you with his remarks. No matter how frustrated you become with your company or your employer, and even though you might be tempted to post insulting rants on social networking sites, you try hard to bite your tongue and keep your opinions private. You would rather not hurt your credibility by venting online or in a public place. The last thing you need is to violate your employer's trust and lose your job.


    At a salary of $15 per hour, if you surf the Internet at work for personal use five minutes every day, you would steal $325.00 per year from your employer. Instead, you show your employer that you are a person with integrity. You are honest and dependable with a strong work ethic, taking your responsibilities seriously. The five-minute chocolate covered doughnut snack will have to wait until after 5:00 p.m. and so will your personal phone call to make weekend plans. You have credibility. Your budget report comes first.


    You've earned a reputation in the office as the time-management expert who prioritizes tasks and sets goals to complete assignments. You work hard to maintain your accountability knowing that if you miss deadlines, you could lose a contract, or worse, you would have to kick yourself for losing your credibility. Not only does your accountability help the company achieve its goals, it's part of the reason you are in your boss's good books.


    As an employer, you hire a salesperson who sounds knowledgeable and trustworthy because she can make customers listen to what she is offering. Hiring a salesperson with credibility makes a customer believe the salesperson is the authority on the product or service and a reliable source of information. She can influence the customer's buying decisions and persuade the customer to make the purchase. Her credibility boosts your sales.

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