How to Get Credibility Back at the Workplace

It's important to maintain a level of trust in the workplace.
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We all make mistakes and mess things up from time to time. Little things usually blow over, but when you mess up something big, you can lose trust with your boss and co-workers. When this happens at work, it can often be difficult to gain back credibility, so your boss will trust you with important tasks. Try to keep in mind it can take a long time to gain a good reputation. Try to avoid activities that would reduce your credibility and instead focus on things to improve your reputation.

    Step 1

    Work hard every day. From the time you arrive at work in the morning until you leave at the end of the day, spend every moment doing something productive. If you run out of things to do, ask someone if you can help.

    Step 2

    Keep your promises. When you tell someone you will have work done by a specific time, make sure the work is complete. If you volunteer to work, don't go back on the deal. By always doing what you agree to, it will help rebuild your credibility by letting everyone know you are honest.

    Step 3

    Admit your mistakes. If you do make a mistake, go to your boss before he comes to you. Offer to fix the mistake and work harder to ensure it doesn't happen again.

    Step 4

    Do your research so you always know your information is correct. Don't just guess at an answer to a problem. If you are wrong, your credibility will fall again. If you are unsure of something, just say so.

    Step 5

    Maintain a positive attitude even during stressful situations. Be known as someone who can remain calm and get the job done.

    Step 6

    Be on time and maintain good attendance. When you are reliable and have a good work ethic, it will spill over into all areas of your work, which will make others have greater respect for you and the work you do.

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