Ideas for a Workplace Newsletter

Take some steps to make your company newsletter worth reading.
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When your company newsletter is lacking in luster, you need to take some steps to mix it up. Sure, it's great to let employees know about the new snacks in the break room, or to list the birthdays that are happening this month, but other features may help you and your employees become a more cohesive team that works and plays well together. Depending on the size of the company, this may involve helping employees to get to know each other -- and your customers -- a little better.

Featured Employee

When employees feel recognized and appreciated, they may be more willing to excel in their jobs. One way to recognize them is to feature them in your employee newsletter. Pick an employee who has gone above and beyond recently, or an employee who just started working with the company, and share a few facts about her work and personal life. This can help to create a sense of community among employees, and it can encourage others to work harder to gain the same type of recognition next time.

Department Feature

Large and mid-size companies often have many different departments whose employees may not interact on a regular basis. To encourage more cohesion among departments, another idea is to feature a different department in each newsletter. Use this section to highlight achievements by the department or to let others know the nuts and bolts of what the department does. Not only can this foster a sense of community, but it can also help employees understand where to turn when questions or issues arise in the company.

Current Events

Every business has rules and regulations that govern what it can and can't do -- and those rules may change. Keep employees on top of legal changes that happen on the city, county, state or federal level that affect your business through a "Changes" feature in your newsletter. If you don't have anything new to report, review an existing rule or practice that employees may not know about.

Customer Feedback

When your eyes are on the prize and you're working hard to get things done, you and your employees may forget that there are people out there actually benefiting from what you do. Keep employees abreast of what others are saying about the company and its products or services by printing reviews or customer comments in one section of the newsletter. Find comments, suggestions or reviews to print from your social media pages, online reviews or the e-mails that come into your company's "Contact Us" e-mail on your website.

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