How to Demonstrate Diversity in the Workplace

A diverse workplace can stimulate growth.
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Creating a diverse workplace has many benefits. By hiring from a variety of backgrounds, you bring different cultures and experience to the table. Creating a diverse workplace can increase productivity and creativity, attract and retain talent, enhance communication and increase your market share by appealing to a wider client base. Companies that choose to ignore the importance of diversity can place limits on growth in our ever-changing global marketplace. Follow a plan to create diversity in your workplace.

    Step 1

    Identify your company’s needs. Your employees should represent your business community and identify with the clients you want to reach. Recruit employees who support the goals of your company, and teach recruiters to reach out to diverse population groups through job fairs. Interact with agencies in the community that support diversity.

    Step 2

    Ask your employees for referrals to find qualified candidates in the industry. You can offer rewards to those who provide successful referrals.

    Step 3

    Follow the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Establish a human resources department that hires without regard to age, race, gender or nationality. One way to do this is by using a temporary agency that prescreens applicants.

    Step 4

    Offer various on-the-job benefits to attract a wider range of employees. Provide on-site daycare services, flexible schedules and accommodate religious holidays.

    Step 5

    Acknowledge the differences in your employees and accept them as valuable assets.

    Step 6

    Consider diversity training in the workplace. Educate employees on the laws and suggestions from the EEOC. There are pros and cons to this type of training, but it may be necessary to point out the benefits of diversity.

    Step 7

    Monitor your diversity goals. Keep a record of a each employee’s background and note what he contributes to the organization. Be careful to hire and promote based solely on abilities.

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