How to Remove a Chlorine Smell From Your Skin

Chlorine is a chemical used in purification in pools, spas or other bodies of water. If you swim in a pool that has a lot of chlorine in it, or if you spill chlorine on your hands, you need to be able to get the smell off of your skin. There is an easy process that you can follow to remove chlorine from your skin. Brandee Nelson, a member of the state swim team in South Dakota for more than 15 years, shares a process that she uses regularly.

General Smell

    Remove any clothing that has been doused in chlorine, such as a bathing suit. Immediately rinse these pieces of clothing in cold water.

    Begin with a warm shower of any of the parts of your body that have been exposed to chlorine. Allow the warm water to rinse your body for at least one full minute.

    Step outside of the water spray if possible and use a soap that is highly sudsy. Good soaps include Dial, Irish Spring or bottled body wash. Use a rag or loofa to soap your entire body.

    Allow the soap to remain on your body for several minutes.

    Rinse off. Dry yourself with a soft towel.

    Put lotion on your body, or on the places of your body that have been exposed to the chlorine. At first, use a lotion that is not scented. This will make your skin soft and will moisturize your skin. Any lasting chlorine on your body will be sucked into dry areas in your skin. If you use lotion right away, the remaining chlorine will not stick to your body.

    Use a scented lotion or perfume after you have used unscented lotions. This will help mask the odor.

Lasting Smell

    Cut an orange in half.

    Remove any visible seeds or skin particles.

    Rub the orange over the places on your skin that still smell like chlorine. The citrus will eat away at the chlorine because of the acid in it. The citrus smell will also overpower the chlorine smell.

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