How to Greet Your Interviewers

Greet your interviewer with a confident handshake.
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If you want to land a job, start your interview by making a positive impression. A professional greeting will set the tone for the rest of the interview and provide you with the right platform to make a lasting impression. Take steps to start your phone or face-to-face interview with a confident step, rather than an awkward stumble.

    Step 1

    Open by introducing yourself and stating that you are here for an interview. This is especially important in a phone interview, where the interviewer may be distracted or may not remember you by name. Try opening along these lines: "Hello, I'm Sara Martin. It's my pleasure to interview with you for marketing section manager today."

    Step 2

    Smile and express your gratitude for the interviewer's time. A smile can be apparent in the tone of your voice, even in a phone interview. Not everyone thanks the interviewer for taking time out of her day for you, so you may gain positive marks for doing so.

    Step 3

    Greet the interviewer with a firm, confident handshake while making eye contact. A firm handshake will convey your professionalism and help you get into the correct frame of mind for the interview. A handshake should last two to three seconds.

    Step 4

    Answer the phone using your name when expecting a phone interview. Simply saying, "Hello," and waiting for a response can leave both interviewer and interviewee in an awkward position. When your phone rings, answer with, "Hello, Joanna Jones speaking. How may I help you today?" in a warm tone to impress the interviewer from the get-go.

    Step 5

    Take the lead in the conversation to demonstrate your proactive attitude, but be patient and don't interrupt when the interviewer is speaking.

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