Goals of a Pediatrician

Pediatricians look out for the health and safety of children.
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Utilizing compassion and knowledge of medicine, pediatricians are specialized physicians who work with the youngest members of society. From an infant enjoying her first days of life to a high school student facing his final days of childhood, pediatricians provide preventative care and medical attention to children of all ages. If you're planning to pursue this profession, there are some common goals all pediatricians share that you'll one day strive for, as well.

Keeping Children Healthy

    First and foremost, your goal as a pediatrician will be to keep your patients healthy and strong. From infancy all the way to adulthood, you'll carefully monitor their development. You'll take steps to keep them in fighting shape, such as prescribing antibiotics for an infection or recommending them to a specialist should they need attention outside your area of expertise. Many children see the same pediatrician for all of their childhood, so you'll form close bonds with many of your patients.

Preventing Childhood Diseases

    From polio and rubella to diabetes and obesity, many childhood illnesses can be prevented. As a pediatrician, one of your primary goals will be to prevent childhood-onset illnesses in your patients. You'll do so by providing vaccinations against common diseases, such as smallpox and tuberculosis. If you suspect something is out of sorts, you may conduct diagnostic tests, including blood panels, to search for early warning signs that a disease is beginning to manifest.

Educating Families About Health

    Most children will choose a piece of chocolate cake over a bowl of broccoli any day. While sweets and other junk foods are delicious and fine as occasional treats, they certainly are not the foundation of a healthy diet. Pediatricians strive to educate patients and their families about the importance of a balanced diet and smart food choices. As a pediatrician, you'll also help patients find ways to stay active in order to ensure healthy muscle and bone development and to reduce their likelihood of developing childhood obesity. You might recommend sports or other activities to get them out of the house and moving. The goal of health education ties directly to the primary goal of keeping children healthy.

Easing Difficulties For Patients

    Every patient you'll see as a pediatrician will be unique, and no two patients will share the same experiences or difficulties in life. Since the desire to help others likely influenced your decision to pursue this profession, one of your goals will be easing difficulties for patients and keeping them happy and comfortable, as well as healthy. You'll soothe them when they're scared before getting shots or prescribe them medications to reduce their pain when they're sick or injured.

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