Special Talent You Need as a Pediatrician

Making patients and parents feel comfortable is an important part of a pediatrician's job.
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Pediatricians care for babies, children and even young adults, performing everything from routine medical examinations to treating illnesses. Aside from having degrees and a license to practice medicine, this type of medicine requires skills beyond being able to diagnose illness. Good pediatricians create successful relationships with both their patients and their patients' parents to ensure high quality care.


    Intuition is especially crucial to the future of their patients' lives, since the patient isn't yet able to articulate symptoms clearly. In some cases, a test may not show something is wrong. But a pediatrician can work on their intuitive sense that something is awry. The ability to rely not only on tests and medical data to care for someone, but also your gut feeling about a patient can help you make a better pediatrician. This isn't a talent that can be learned, but with sufficient experience, a pediatrician can see patterns linking to certain illnesses and conditions.

Baby Friendly

    Babies and children are often reluctant to be touched by unfamiliar people. Sometimes this can make a pediatrician's job difficult. Being gentle and friendly helps children trust you and feel comfortable with examinations and equipment. Make your office baby friendly with toys, books and colorful pictures that help patients and parents alike relax. Speak softly and focus on speaking kindly and cheerfully to make patients feel comfortable as well.

Gift of Gab

    Eloquence ensures pediatricians can express themselves as clearly as possible. This talent is especially important when breaking down medical terms for parents who may not be familiar with scientific terminology. You'll need to develop a knack for speaking at the patient's or parent's level. This helps all involved fully understand what's going on with their child and ensures home care requirements are clear and specific.


    Mental and physical dexterity is critical to be a good pediatrician. Procedures require a close level of attention. Since most children are active, you need to be clever to get children to stay still while examining ears and listening to hearts. Making a game out of the staying still while ensuring you can move swiftly to complete the exam requires both cleverness and physical skill.

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