Factors Influencing the Motivation to Learn in the Workplace

Multiple factors determine an employee's motivation to learn.
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Learning in the workplace isn't as easy as it seems. On top of the job that you are being paid to do, you have to invest in learning more skills to keep you on your game. While many employers make attending webinars, conferences and workshops mandatory, others leave it up to you to keep up. If you're the latter, something has to drive you to want to learn more at work. Motivation to improve yourself as an employee can come from many different sources.


    If you're rewarded for learning, then you're more likely to be motivated. Incentives for learning can come in different forms. For example, if your employer gives you a promotion for earning additional certificates and degrees, then you might be more driven to learn. When you know your efforts will be rewarded, you'll push yourself that extra mile.

Work Culture

    Being surrounded by other motivated people can help you find inspiration to improve yourself. Positive attitudes are contagious. However, when managers and employees don't care about improving their skills, you may fall into the same rut. When the work culture encourages its employees to be the best they can, people understand that they are assets to their workplace. Support and strong morale can instill motivation in any employee.


    It's difficult to find time to invest in getting new skills for your job when you are too busy with your current workload. If you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and have little assistance from your department, then you won't prioritize learning more skills for your job. Once you have more free time, motivation for learning may pop up in your life.


    When you have mentors at your job who want you to succeed, you want to make them proud. If your boss takes you under her wing and shows you the ropes, you will find yourself more motivated to accumulate as much knowledge as you can. Learning will become second nature, and you will take the steps to learn everything that you will need.

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