Personal Assistant to the Stars Qualifications

Live the high-profile life of a celebrity personal assistant.
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When working as a personal assistant to the stars, you become a celebrity's right hand woman. In many cases, you get to live like a star without actually being one. However, the job is not all “glitz and glam.” Before leaping into the entertainment industry as a celebrity's personal assistant, it's important to know what the qualifications are. This helps you to determine whether you really want to be an assistant.


    A personal assistant to the stars gets up close and personal access to celebrities on a regular basis ... and sees and hears a lot of things the general public will never know about. For this reason, you must be trustworthy and able to maintain confidentiality. In many cases, you're required to sign a confidentiality agreement before working with a celebrity. You also can't be “star struck.” The last thing a celebrity needs is a personal assistant who constantly seeks autographs from all of those famous friends.

Thick Skin

    You can't wear your feelings on your sleeves when working as a personal assistant to the stars. You need “thick skin.” Many celebrities live a busy and fast-paced lifestyle. If the star perceives you aren't keeping up with her needs, she will voice her disapproval. If you screw up an assignment, she will let you know about it. A good personal assistant accepts criticism and adjusts accordingly, instead of viewing the star's comments as a personal attack.


    A personal assistant may be screening telephone calls one minute and walking the dog or packing luggage the next. Although the celebrity may give you a general job description upfront, the exact duties you perform can greatly vary on a daily basis. A good personal assistant adapts and goes with the flow. You should be a multi-tasker, able to accommodate the star's changing demands.

Organized & Flexible

    A celebrity personal assistant needs great organizational skills. You may be required to organize a variety of things, including the star's schedule, makeup bag or the Louboutins in her closet. You should also be extremely flexible. The celebrity may give you a standard work schedule. However, there's a great chance that you will be called upon even when you are not scheduled to work. You shouldn't have a lot of obligations that would prevent you from adjusting your schedule at a moments notice.

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