Eyebrow Exercises

Get lifted brows without stepping into a plastic surgeon's office.
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Not a fan of needles? While many may be opting for the Botox method to give their brows a lift or giving into expensive surgeries, taking the painful approach to achieving lifted eyebrows isn’t your only alternative. Naturally lift your brows into shape with facial exercises. When performed consistently, eyebrow exercises can help to strengthen muscles, stimulate blood circulation and revert dreadful sagging eyebrow skin into a more youthful appearance -- without the needles and knives.

Crow’s Feet Remedy

    When your eye cream, serum and facemask aren’t doing the trick to keep crow’s feet at bay, ditch the products and take tips from Carolyn Cleaves of Carolyn's Facial Fitness. Cleaves suggests an eye-lifting exercise that begins with squeezing your eyes shut tightly. Then gently place your thumbs at the corners of your eyes. Slide your thumbs in a sweeping motion towards your temples and repeat 10 times.

Brow Raises

    Firm up your forehead and tighten up your brows with a simple expression-based exercise that's easy to do whether you're in front of the mirror or typing away on your laptop at your desk. Raise your brows until you notice a wrinkle in your forehead, holding this position for a few seconds. Then transition your expression into a frown. Repeat three times daily for up to 20 times per exercise.

35 Second Eye Lift

    Grab a pair of gloves and a spot in front of the mirror to perform this brow lift exercise created by beauty expert Cynthia Rowley. With glove-covered hands, take your three middle fingers and place them directly below your brow bone with your palms facing down. Gently lift your brows with your fingers while simultaneously pressing your eyebrows down towards your fingertips. Hold the position for 5 seconds, release and take a deep breath. Repeat the exercise daily and increase each time you hold the contraction.

Perfecting Performance

    Don’t expect immediate results when you first begin your brow lifting exercising routines. Have patience and keep a consistent schedule to reap the benefits. Additionally, while facial exercises are great for tightening the skin when performed correctly, maintaining good form is key to preventing muscle spasms.

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