How to Make Your Face Look Thinner Workouts

Trade the chubby cheeks for a slimmer look with exercise.
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A chubby face is cute on babies and children, but can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, you can ditch or reduce the look of chipmunk cheeks and a double chin, and achieve a slimmer-looking face. Your face and neck area consists of 108 muscles, according to University of Arkansas. Follow a calorie-reduced diet and get your butt in gear with heart-pumping aerobic exercise that promotes fat loss all over while doing exercises that tone the muscles of your face. This effective combo can help you achieve a slimmer-looking face, as well as a boost in self-confidence.

Heart-Pumping Aerobics

    To reduce chubbiness in your face, you must drop flab all over. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 300 minutes per week of heart-pumping aerobic exercise to get rid of flab and look thinner. You can drop 1 pound weekly by burning 500 calories per day. Slim down your face as you get thinner all over with one-hour sessions of circuit training, playing basketball, riding your bike or swimming. Likewise, you can take a two-hour walk to burn the same amount of calories, leading to overall fat loss, as well as the loss of excess fat around your face.

Facial Yoga Exercises

    Slim down chipmunk cheeks and excess flab around the eyes by toning the muscles with facial yoga. Draw your cheeks inward until your lips look like fish lips. Hold this position while trying to smile. Maintain the position for 10 counts to firm and tone your cheek area to reveal the sexy contour of your cheekbones.

    Look straight ahead to get into the starting position for side glances to firm and tone the areas around your eyes. Without moving your head, shift both eyes as far as possible to the left. Hold the position for 10 counts, before repeating the exercise toward the right side. You can perform five side glances in each direction every day to tighten and tone, and get rid of that unsightly puffiness above and below your eyes.

Get Rid of a Double Chin

    A slim, toned neck and chin area can improve the appearance of your face. Tone the neck and chin muscles while losing weight with aerobics by performing chin raises. Tilt your head up so your chin is pointing toward the ceiling. Drop your lower jaw, and then raise it up until your lips meet. Hold the position for two counts while feeling the stretch in your neck. Repeat this exercise to perform 10 chin raises each day and ditch the double chin.

Full Face Muscle Toner

    If you're short on time or ambition, this exercise will help you tone muscles all over your face for a tighter, slimmer look. Close your eyes tightly while pursing your lips together. Clench your fists and try to do the same with your face as if you're attempting to draw all your facial muscles toward the tip of your nose. Hold the pose for 10 counts before releasing. Repeat this exercise-- the Lion Face-- five times daily to reveal a smoother forehead, tighter jawline and toned cheeks as you lose fat.

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