What to Expect at Delta Baggage Handler Interviews

You must be able to lift 70 pounds to be a Delta baggage handler.
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If you like working outdoors and are physically strong enough to move heavy suitcases throughout the day, you might want to consider being a baggage handler. Delta Air Lines hires baggage handlers for dual positions: baggage transportation and ramp operation. The interview process is straightforward and doesn't include any hidden surprises or especially difficult questions.

About the Job

    Delta Air Lines hires baggage handlers/ramp operators from its employment website. These employees transport baggage, mail and other cargo to and from airplanes. They also oversee and run support equipment, including conveyor belts, tow tractors and tugs. According to the airline's website, baggage handlers/ramp operators must be able to lift 70 pounds, have at least a high school diploma, be at least 18 years old and be authorized to work in the United States. They must also be very safety conscious and enjoy working in teams.

Information You'll Need

    You'll need to apply for the position online and be fully prepared with information about the airline and how you meet the job's requirements. You will also need to share all the addresses where you have lived for the past 10 years, along with five references and their names, addresses and phone numbers. You should have a polished resume on hand for any phone or in-person interviews, along with an employment history that covers the last 10 years, including names and phone numbers for all your supervisors.

Hiring Process

    The interview process begins with a phone interview, where your basic relevant skills are assessed. If you successfully pass the phone interview, you will be called back for a face-to-face interview. If this part of your interview is successful, you will be hired on the condition that you pass an agility and hearing test. These tests assess that you meet the physical criteria needed to be a baggage handler and ramp operator. You will also be asked to take a drug test and pass a background check. It takes about two weeks for your background check to clear.


    The questions asked in Delta interviews are fairly straightforward and not designed to trick you. You may be asked to talk about your last job, how long you worked there and why you left. You may also be asked if you like flying, if you like serving people and why you are interested in this job. Likely, your interviewers will want to hear about a situation in which you had to deal with stressful circumstances and how you handled it, along with knowing how you dealt with conflicts with co-workers. You should also study up on airline codes and flight destinations before your interview, to show that you have a thorough knowledge of what your job requires.

Ready Reserve

    One important detail to keep in mind is that there is a difference between full-time employees, part-time workers and what Delta refers to as its Ready Reserve. Ready Reserve employees are flexible staffers who don't have a set schedule or shift that they work. They are on call and used to supplement full-time and part-time staff during busier traveling seasons, such as holidays. Ready Reserve workers do not receive health benefits and are not guaranteed a minimum number of working hours per week. Many employees start out on the Ready Reserve roster and after about a year, can move into full-time employment.

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