What Exercises Is the P90X Band Used For?

The P90X program was developed by fitness guru Tony Horton.
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When you think of resistance training, you might think of bulked-up guys pumping iron. But if lifting weights isn't your thing, use the P90X bands in place of a pullup bar or to provide resistance in place of dumbbells. The P90X program consists of 12 workout routines -- you can use the resistance bands in six of them.

Chest and Back

    If you're not a fan of pullups, use the resistance bands as an alternative to a pullup bar in the chest-and-back routine. Attach the band to a secure spot overhead using the included attachment. Perform a pullup with the bands by pulling down, drawing the band down instead of pulling your body up. Replace dumbbells with resistance bands to perform heavy pants, lawnmowers and backflys, all of which work your arms and back.

Shoulders and Arms

    You're in for a tough workout with the shoulders-and-arms routine. It has four rounds of exercises, and you can use the resistance bands for most of them. In the first round, use the resistance bands for all of the exercises -- alternating shoulder presses, in-and-out bicep curls and two-arm triceps kickbacks. In round two, perform the deep swimmer's press and full-suplination concentration curls with your resistance bands. In round three, use the resistance bands for upright rows, static arm curls and flip-grip twist triceps kickbacks. Use the resistance bands for all of the exercises in the third and fourth rounds, including seated two-angle shoulder flys, crouching Cohen curls, lying-down triceps extensions, in-and-out straight-arm shoulder flys, congdon curls and side tri-rises.

Legs and Back

    The legs-and-back routine is heavy on pullups, but you can always perform them with the resistance bands if that's more your style. Use the bands to add resistance to some of the squat exercises in the routine, including calf-raise and deadlift squats. Use the bands when you are doing squats by stepping on the band and pulling up on the handles as you stand up out of the squat.

Core Synergistics

    The core-synergistics routine uses your own body weight for most of the resistance, so you won't be using your bands much. But you can use the bands for the squat X-press. To perform the squat X-press, place the band under your feet just as you would in a squat. Hold the handles and pull up on them as you raise yourself out of the squat and lift your arms above your head into a wide press.

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

    The chest, shoulders and triceps routine is all about lifting -- which means that if you don't like weights, you'll have to use the bands for many of the exercises. These exercises include in-and-out shoulder flys, scarecrow presses, overhead triceps extensions and Y-presses. You can also use the bands for pour flys, side-leaning triceps extensions, front-to-back triceps extensions and fly-row presses.

Back and Biceps

    This routine involves a mix of lifting and pullups, so you'll have two different uses for the bands. Lifting exercises include lawnmower pulls, reverse-grip bent-over rows and corkscrew curls. You can also use bands for the many curls in the routine, including standing bicep curls, bicep twenty-one curls and open-arm curls. The routine also features pullups, which provides another opportunity to use your bands.

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