Exercise Games to Lose Your Stomach

Through cardio and strength training, fitness video games could help you lose your unwanted stomach fat.
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When you’re stuck in a fitness rut and bored with your regular routine, you may be searching for ways to make achieving your goals more exciting and enjoyable. In a world full of video game consoles, computers and apps, there are many fitness related games to choose from. Many of these games focus on burning calories, building strength, and provide core specific exercises to help you rock those abs.

Xbox Kinect

    Nike + Kinect Training uses motion-sensing Kinect technology to provide gamers with an individualized fitness experience. This game combines strength training and cardio reminiscent of a personal trainer. You can discover your strengths and problem areas, and keep track of your progress. You can also connect with others and stay motivated through Xbox Live.

    Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 combines strength and cardio. Players can take several different classes including boot camp, kickboxing and several dance classes. This game provides feedback and corrections for your exercise techniques. You can also customize your own workouts and build routines.


    Since the release of the Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit has become a classic in fitness games. Wii Fit Plus uses a balance board and remote to track users’ movements. This game combines fitness training, as well as interactive games to help get your whole body moving. In the training mode, users can practice yoga, balance and strength. You can also keep track of your weight and how many days you exercised.

    EA Sports Active 2 uses both leg, arm and remote sensors to provide gamers with an interactive experience. This game provides cardio, and strength to help you achieve your goals. In order to help you get the most out of your workout, results of a heart rate monitor are displayed on the screen. You can also track your progress online and share your goals with others.


    Sports Champions 2 uses the PlayStation Moves motion controller and provides players with a unique sporting experience. You can practice your skills and build strength in bowling, tennis, skiing, archery, boxing and many other sports. You can also choose from modes such as beginner and advanced.

    With UFC Personal Trainer you can train like a mixed martial artist. Experience a unique training regimen, including strength training. You can customize your own routine or choose from preset routines. You can also play in a competitive mode. This game is designed to help users tone up and burn calories.


    For those who want to add some fun into their routine, but don’t have a gaming console, there are also many social and interactive fitness games available for iOS users. With the Fitocracy app, you can not only track your progress, but you can also earn points and compete with others using this social fitness game. Teemo is another social fitness app that provides users with easy to understand exercises, fun with rewards and social interaction. Both Fitocracy and Teemo have high ratings among users.

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