Example of a Job Training Skills Workshop Agenda

Job training skills workshops use agendas to let participants know what activities and objectives to expect.
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Job training skills workshops help people in the work force develop new job skills or expand upon the skills they already have. As a way to lend structure to these developmental programs, such workshops tend to have agendas that are distributed to participants at the beginning of the workshop. These agendas feature several key components relating to the overall scope and purpose of the workshop down to specific supplemental materials participants can use when the workshop is over.


    Job training skills workshop agendas open with a general overview of the goals and activities that will take place in the workshop. This overview provides a “big picture” description of the agenda, as well as identifying what participants can hope to get out of it, and the groups or agencies that created or ran the workshop. For example, iSeek’s “Job Seeker’s Guide Workshop Curriculum” features a brief overview that describes the workshop, its goals, its sponsors and provides links to further information.


    Some agendas will feature an orderly table of contents that outline all the different activities workshop participants will engage in, as well as the various materials featured in the agenda itself. Other agendas offer a schedule of events. In either case, the contents or schedule of an agenda expand upon the general overview by providing specific details about activities. They also act as a checklist of things participants can expect to cover. For example, the Rochester Works Career Conference Agenda features a schedule of events for a single day, while the iSeek solutions Job Seekers Guide Workshop Curriculum features a table of contents for multiple modules.


    Job training skills workshops prominently feature lessons or modules as the primary component of their agendas. These lessons or modules can pertain to a single day or morning’s activities, or an entire series or curriculum of lessons or modules. In Cal State LA’s Job Search Strategies Workshop, a single day’s lesson is presented as different presentation slides with questions such as “What are your skills and interests?” as well as prompts such as “Develop a list of specific job titles & potential industries.” In the Bridge Automated Design and Drafting Software Training Workshop, on the other hand, the agenda features rough lesson plans spread out over a three-day workshop.

Supplemental Materials

    As a supplement to the activities of a single or multiple day lesson or curriculum, many job training skills workshop agendas feature worksheets or other materials for workshop participants to complete. For example, the iSeek Job Seekers Guide Workshop agenda features dozens of links to supplement materials such as worksheets relating to interviews, informational packets on writing résumés, and other related material.

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