The Best Elements for a Sagittarius in the Workplace

Sagittarians love to travel and interact with the public, making them wonderful tour guides
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Ah, the Sagittarius. This zodiac sister lies at the ninth position between the 234.75th and 270th degree of celestial longitude. The Sagittarius is a fire sign usually depicted as a man with a horse’s body or as an archer. Despite the obvious male connotations of this representation, female Sagittarians are remarkable in their own rights. These celestial sisters are adventurous, creative and enthusiastic. Having a Sagittarius on your work team will ensure a fun time for all. Due to their outgoing and friendly nature, some elements of the workplace are better than others for these celestial beings.


    Sagittarians do not like to be tied down, either in relationships or careers. A boring job tethered to a cubicle will not appeal to this adventure-loving girl. She wants to be creative and travel. This sign craves freedom to do things their way. Too many rules or bureaucracy are not good for the Sagittarian spirit, and boring, repetitive tasks are not for this girl. A job answering customer service calls is not for her -- instead, a fiery-spirited Sagittarian should opt to be a travel guide, salesperson or even teacher.


    Sagittarians are outgoing, reasonable and charming. People are drawn to their outgoing nature. At the same time, Sagittarians crave the spotlight and attention. This makes them ideal candidates for management and leadership roles. The natural affability of this sign makes them popular among co-workers. Be careful though: Although Sagittarians love to take on multiple projects, they can sometimes struggle with completing them. They are also not known for being the most detail oriented sign in the zodiac. In a leadership position, however, they can designate the mundane work to more detail loving signs like Cancers.

Public Interaction

    Sagittarians are very social. They enjoy meeting people and interacting with them. This sign is no shrinking violet. Sagittarians flourish in jobs that allow them to interact with the public. They enjoy learning and passing on knowledge which makes teaching jobs or other instructional occupations a perfect fit for them. These naturally active girls can combine their love of healthy pursuits and social interactions in a career such as personal trainer or health club instructor. One caveat though, Sagittarians are not always the most tactful individuals. In order to be successful in the workplace this candid girl will need to temper her remarks.

Purposeful Jobs

    Sagittarians are not motivated by money, although they will work hard when money is needed. They believe in the greater good. They can sometimes be very devout in their faith and beliefs. Sagittarians do best in jobs that help the public or the community; they are the political activists of the zodiac world. Knowing what motivates Sagittarians helps to channel their energies in the workplace. This celestial girl may not stay late for the overtime pay but she will stay to help a co-worker in a jam.

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