Egyptian Arm Aerobics

Use cymbals to add fun flair to your arm workouts.
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Egyptian arm aerobics are a fun new way to get your upper body in shape. These exercises keep your workouts fun while toning and strengthening your shoulders, arms, back and even your abs. Egyptian arm movements can be performed in classes or in the comfort of your home. Add them to an aquatic workout and you have a fun way to unwind yet still get the exercise you want.

The Art of Egyptian Arm Movements

    While Egyptian and Middle Eastern dances are very similar in hip movements as you are essentially using the same core muscles when belly dancing, they have slightly different arm movements. Egyptian dance uses soft and fluid arms while the Middle Eastern arms movements are little bit more postured and stronger with each hip circle.

Just Add Water

    Incorporating Egyptian arms into water aerobics is a fun and effective way to tone your whole body. Consider wearing webbed gloves for enhancing arm muscle tone. While wading in the water, jump in place while turning your body right, moving the water to the left with your hands. After a complete turn around, move in the opposite direction to the left, pushing the water to the right as you did with the first turn. Secondly, continue jumping in place while adding Egyptian arm movements. Raise your arms, elbows bent, above your head. Your wrists should be close together while your palms face outward. While jumping with arms raised, add front kicks by alternating each leg in front of you. Bring your arms into a ''T", then back up above your head with each kick. Perform three sets of 12 repetitions. The water resistance will help sculpt and tone your arms while extending your legs strengthens the legs and core.

Add Egyptian Flavor to Aerobics

    Basic aerobic dance moves such as salsa give you a full body workout while sculpting the arms. You can do this with a partner or by yourself. Standing with your back straight and your arms loosely to your sides, sway your hips from left to right. It helps to have salsa music that has four beats to the bar and has a fast tempo. Extend your left leg out in front of you to move your left hip to the side then bring your feet back together. Switch legs, moving the other foot in front of you to mimic the same movement. Add Egyptian arms by reaching one arm out to the side as you step with the opposite foot, then bring your other arm straight above your head. Shift back into starting position and switch legs and arms on the other side. The tempo and movements should be fast as you get used to each precise step. Your shoulders, biceps and upper back will become increasingly toned after a few sessions. Perform these movements at a comfortable 30 second pace, rest for 15, then repeat.

    Ballet is an excellent way to include Egyptian arm movements.

Hooping with Egyptian Arms

    Hula hooping is a fun way to tone your abs and strengthen your core. Step in the center of the hoop then bring it up to rest firmly on your back with your hands on both sides. Give the hoop a fast spin around your waist as it rotates around your belly button. Using your hips in a rocking motion back and forth, catch the hoop and bump it in front of your body then back again. Once you get the rhythm of hooping, add Egyptian arms by raising both arms above your head, elbows bent, wrists together and palms turned out. In the same rhythm as your hooping, peddle your arms up and down in a waving motion while they are extended above your head. Perform this exercise in 30 second intervals for three sets.

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