Early Morning Kundalini Yoga Poses

Start your morning with some Kundalini yoga.
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Wake up physically and spiritually each morning with Kundalini yoga. The practice develops spiritual awareness using sound, posture and breath while drawing energy through the seven chakras. The result is an increased consciousness and physical vitality that will help get you through the day.

Standing Breath of Fire

    Begin your morning Kundalini yoga practice by standing with your arms straight out to your sides with your body in a "T" position and your thumbs pointing up. Hold the position for two minutes while practicing the Breath of Fire. Start with long, deep breathing, then immediately force the air out of the lungs. Once the lungs are completely empty, expand them again by inhaling more air. Forcefully breathe all of the air out, repeating this process for two minutes. Next, inhale slowly and deeply as you raise your arms overhead until the thumbs meet. Arch your back and exhale as you slowly bend forward until you touch your toes.

Sitting Breath of Fire

    Sit with your legs wide apart. Reach toward your left foot with both arms, stretching until you can lower your head to your knee. Continue practicing the Breath of Fire for two minutes in the position before repeating on the right side.

Locust and Cobra Poses

    For Locust pose, lie on your stomach with your hands under your thighs. Breathe in as you extend your legs as high as possible, keeping them straight and your torso on the floor. Hold this pose as long as you can, then repeat for three minutes. Following this pose, rest for two minutes. For Cobra pose, begin lying on your stomach, then arch your torso up so it is lifted off the ground. Keep the legs straight and grounded and use your arms for support. Inhale and exhale as you hold the Cobra pose as long as you can. Repeat the pose for three minutes, then relax for two more.


    Lie on your back, then raise your legs perpendicular to the floor. Place your hands behind your hips, just below your waist, and your upper arms on the floor for support. Your weight is placed on your upper arms, neck and shoulders. Keep your legs straight in the air as you take three deep breaths. Exhale and kick your buttocks rapidly with your heels. Continue this pose for three minutes, then rest for two more.

Easy Pose

    Finish in the Easy pose, similar to sitting “Indian style.” Cross your shins and knees and rest your feet beneath the opposite knees. Straighten the torso and stack your hands with your palms up in your lap. Inhale and exhale as you hold the pose for three minutes.

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