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Your resume can open doors for you as an aspiring teacher.
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You've finished your course work, completed your student observation hours and you're well on you're way to becoming a teacher. But before you can get licensed to work on your own, you'll have to spend time as a supervised student teacher. Having a strong resume will help you snag the student teaching opportunity of your dreams -- and also help you kick-start your career in education.


Because you likely have limited experience working in education, consider using the functional format for your resume. This format focuses on skills and achievements rather than work experience. Devote the majority of your resume to the skills that would make you a strong student teacher, such as computer skills, organizational skills, leadership skills and active listening skills. A functional resume allows you to highlight your qualifications without making you appear inexperienced, as a chronological resume might.


Your student teaching resume should be no longer than one page and should be limited to your experience and education related to teaching. Leave out irrelevant information -- that summer you spent waiting tables probably won't help you score any brownie points as a student teacher.


Administrators know that student teachers typically have limited experience, so don't worry about padding your resume. Be honest and only list real experience you have relevant to education. List time you spent observing in schools as part of your degree, as well as any volunteer opportunities you've participated in. If you taught at a summer camp or after-school program, don't forget to include that information.


It's essential that you include information about your educational background. Include information about your degree, including the level and the school you earned it from. If you've attended any education workshops or seminars, consider including them. If you took any advanced education courses that went above and beyond your degree requirements, list those as well.

Tips and Considerations

Make sure that all contact information on your resume is accurate before you send it out. If your resume still seems a bit too short, you could include a personal statement at the beginning that outlines your goals and values as a teacher. Additionally, you could include information about study-abroad programs you've participated in, professional teaching organizations you're affiliated with and any certifications you possess.

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