Cycling Games for Spin Class

Games and drills will add energy and camaraderie to indoor cycling classes.
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Indoor cycling is a fun way to get in an effective cardiovascular workout. Instructors often plan an intense mixture of climbs, flats, hills and sprint intervals to make sure everyone is left drenched in sweat. Since camaraderie is such a huge part of what makes indoor cycling classes fun, participants might love to play games that let them interact with one another. Everyone has a little competitor inside them, and games help them channel their inner George Hincapie.


    Tag can be played using individual riders or groups. Everyone rides at a moderate pace while the instructor yells out the names of two riders or groups. The first is the sprinter and the second is the rider or group that chases the sprinter. Every 20 seconds, the sprinter will back down and resume a moderate pace. The chasers becomes the sprinters, and the instructor calls out the name of a new rider or group to take over the chase. This continues until every rider or group has been called at least once.


    The instructor splits the class into three or more groups. Each group has a specific ride focus, which can include seated or standing climbs, flat sprints or intervals. After a set duration, the instructor calls out for the groups to rotate so they are performing a different drill. Each drill is the same length and can be repeated throughout the instructor's chosen length of time.

Virtual Races

    If an indoor cycling room is equipped with a large screen and projector, participants can perform virtual races. Special indoor cycling footage can take participants through different terrain around the world. The instructor gives riders cues for resistance level and ride position, and may then lead the class through pack riding, chases, breakaways and finish-line sprints to give riders a simulated road bike race.

Precautions and Tips

    Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Instructors should obtain proper credentials before teaching an indoor cycling class. Instructors need to make sure each participant's bike is set up properly and that the riders use correct form for each drill. Participants should also be reminded to adjust the workout to their fitness level by setting resistance levels as necessary. Drink plenty of water throughout an indoor cycling class to avoid dehydration.

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