Careers That Allow a Work-Life Balance

Being a successful working mom takes balance and skill.
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Well, which is it? Do you want the career or the family? For more and more ambitious women, this proposition isn’t either or. Many energetic ladies are determined to have it both ways. They want to be the cookie-baking mommy and the impressive boardroom powerhouse. While, in the past, effectively occupying these two roles simultaneously may have seemed a pipe dream, now you can have it all. The first step is picking a career that is conducive to this dual-identity. Picking the perfect job will enable you to create the work-life balance you seek without so much as breaking a sweat.

Pharmaceutical Sales

    While some people who work in pharmaceuticals rack up the frequent flyer miles skipping all over the globe to push their pills, not all workers in this industry have to be road warriors. Those seeking to establish or maintain a healthy work-life balance can effectively do so with a career in this industry. Many pharmaceutical companies hire workers to cover close-to-home turf, giving these sales people flexibility to largely set their own hours and develop their own schedule for visiting medical practitioners and pushing their products. Individuals in this industry earned a median income of $56,620 as of 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Web Development

    Building and maintaining a website is no easy occupation, but because the Internet never sleeps, workers can often flex their hours, making this job a work-life balance powerhouse. On top of flexibility, this industry offers a sound pay scale with workers earning a median income of $75,660 as of 2010, the BLS reports. Facebook, one major player in this field, offers workers the opportunity to flex their hours. Additionally, they keep their workers happy with perks like on-site laundry and in-office child care. While not all web development companies are as wonderful as this one, many offer these perks to keep workers happy, as happy workers are less likely to leave the fray.

Dental Hygienists

    Dental hygienists enjoy a comfortable work environment and often flexible hours. Individuals employed in this capacity commonly work part-time hours. Because of this, they are available to be mom and wife more frequently than they would be if they were clocking a full 40 hours. Even those who do work the standard 9 to 5 in this field benefit from the fact that they don’t have to take work home with them, but instead can slip off their sterile gloves and leave it all at the office, allowing them to focus on the family when they arrive home. With only an associate degree required for admission to this field and a median income of $68,250 as of 2010, according to the BLS, this field is a highly attractive one.

Medical Scientist

    Individuals in this industry rarely clock weekend hours. While some may elect to stay late in the lab, few are required to. With consistent -- and often flexible -- hours, this job ranks high with those who want to have it all. On top of the flexibility, this industry is largely well paying, with workers enjoying a median income of $76,700 as of 2010, reports the BLS. With this relatively hefty salary, workers in this industry have the money to spend on family togetherness as well as the time to enjoy it.

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