What Cardio Is Comfortable for Large-Breasted Women?

Hop into the water for a low-impact, muscle-blasting cardio workout.
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Squishing your twins into a tight little sports bra isn’t the only challenge of working out when your mamas are massive. Once you’re dressed and ready to sweat, you’ve got to decide on a workout that won’t wreck your back from lugging around the extra weight; cardio exercises that involve excessive bouncing, up-and-down movements or hunched-over positions are a no-no for the well-endowed.


    Walking is an ideal exercise; it can be done anywhere, requires no special equipment, can be easily squeezed into your day and it won’t matter if you’re a bit top-heavy. If walking on a track or sidewalk gets too boring, take your sneakers to the trails -- where you’re sure to encounter hills and rugged terrain. Use a treadmill on days when you’re stuck indoors.

Water Aerobics

    If you like the idea of linking your cardio workout to your strength-training workout, hop in the pool for water aerobics. An instructor will lead your class through treading water, jogging, kicks, rolls and various other resistance and range-of-motion moves. If you don’t like the idea of strutting your stuff in a bathing suit, dive into the deep end instead of the shallow end. Your girls will stay safely submerged under the water. Swim a few laps after class to get an extra boost of cardio.

Group Classes

    If you’re self-conscious about too many prying eyes ogling your goods, busy gyms might make you a bit uncomfortable. Avoid the gym in the mornings and early evenings -- they tend to be busiest before and after normal business hours. Group fitness classes might be a good fit. Your fellow fitness enthusiasts will be too busy worrying about their own anatomy to be eyeing yours. Choose yoga, Pilates or step aerobics for a muscle-blasting, waist-whittling workout that won’t wreak havoc on your back.

Core Training

    Sneak some core training into your workout along with heart-healthy cardio. With your lovely ladies weighing down the front of your body, a strong core is crucial for balancing your posture. Hold the plank pose for one minute and side plank for 30 seconds on each side after finishing your workout.

Dressing the Girls

    Choose a sports bra that’s made specifically for well-endowed women. It should have an encapsulation design -- so each breast is neatly tucked into its own little pocket. This design not only cuts down on bouncing, but also supports the weight of the breasts. Your sports bra should also have wide cushioned straps -- while this isn’t a necessity, it will make you much more comfortable.

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