Can You Lose Weight Using Walk Away the Pounds?

You can lose weight using "Walk Away the Pounds" videos.
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Leslie Sansone produces and stars in the successful "Walk Away the Pounds" series of exercise videos. The video exercise regimens range from a one-mile walk to a faster-paced five-mile walk; the series also offers yoga and Pilates DVDs. You can lose weight using the videos, but how much depends on which videos you use for exercise, how vigorously you do the exercises, how often you do them, your current weight and, of course, your diet.

Calories to Lose Weight

    To lose a single pound, you need to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories. You can do this in one of two ways: burn more calories by increasing your activity level or consume fewer calories each day. "Walk Away the Pounds" videos help you lose weight by increasing the number of calories you burn each day.

Calories Burned Using the Videos

    The number of calories you burn will vary considerably, depending on whether you choose a one-mile version or a five-mile version. It will also depend on how hard you push yourself during the workout. The harder you push, the more calories you can burn. Leslie Sansone's website states that if you work to the beat, the videos are designed to burn approximately 100 calories per mile. If you use hand weights or other apparatus that boosts your workout intensity, you can burn between 125 to 150 calories per mile, the site adds. If your exercise regimen includes a four-mile walk and you exercise three times a week, you'll burn around 400 calories per day and 1,200 calories per week. At that rate, you'll lose 1 pound in about three weeks.

Choosing the Right Video

    If you're an experienced exerciser, you might find the one- and two-mile videos below your exercise standards. If you've never exercised at all, however, "Walk Away the Pounds" offers a very easy entry into the world of exercise. All of the exercise videos, no matter how long, focus on low-impact aerobics, which are reasonably easy on your knees but don't burn as many calories as high-impact, intense workouts.

Boosting Weight Loss

    If you can give it your all during the routines, you'll lose weight more quickly. But for a real weight-loss boost, combine exercise with diet. Cut just 250 calories per day from your intake five days a week, with weekends off your diet, and you'll create a 1,250-calorie deficit. If you do a four-mile walk three times a week, you'll burn around 1,200 calories. Between diet and exercise, you'll create a 2,450 calorie deficit and lose a pound around every 10 days.

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