Do Spinner Exercise Bikes Trim the Belly?

Spinning can help you lose belly weight.
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Spinning is similar to riding on a stationary bike and is a top exercise choice for many women. Not only can you catch up with friends while you exercise, but you can work on losing that belly flab that bothers you so much. Spinning burns several hundred calories per hour, making it a great exercise for weight loss. Just make sure you ditch your high-calorie eating habits for the most benefit.

Healthy Weight Loss

    Weight loss happens when you burn more calories than you consume. You must create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories in one week to drop a pound. That means keeping up a regular exercise program and eating low-calorie foods. If your waist if wider that 35 inches, belly fat is particularly dangerous because it indicates you have an increased risk of several health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Spinning classes can aid in losing excess belly fat, improve your health and help you fit into your favorite skinny jeans.

Calories Burned

    The trick to losing belly fat with spinning classes is to keep careful track of how many calories you burn during a session balanced with how many you take in through food. Overestimating your calorie burn gets in the way of successfully getting rid of the pooch and slimming down your middle. In general, a 150-pound woman burns nearly 500 calories spinning at a moderate pace for one hour. At this pace you'll be slightly winded but can still talk to your friend on the next machine. Bump it up to a vigorous pace and a 150-pound woman burns nearly 800 calories.


    Yes, spinning is a great workout for women, but mixing it with other types of cardio helps you create a well-rounded workout that offers fat loss and muscle building benefits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend getting at least 2 1/2 hours of cardio each week, though if you are working to drop weight, it'll happen faster if you work your way to 5 hours per week. Do a couple of hour-long spinning sessions each week, but take a hike, go for a swim, go dancing with friends or ride your bike too, which keeps your muscles challenged and your weight loss on track. Add two or three strength training sessions each week to build lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism. Strong muscles might even make your spinning sessions feel easier.


    Using proper form during a spinning session maximizes your calorie burn and reduces your risk of injury. Take a class or two to learn the basics. Keep in mind that all the spinning in the world isn't going to help you lose your belly if you undo all your hard work with poor food choices. If you hit the drive-thru after spinning, you might take in more calories than you just burned, which isn't going to do much for your quest to lose your belly fat. Fill your plate with a variety of foods from each food group and forgo soda, candy, packaged snacks, fried food, frozen dinners and fast food.

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