Can You Lose Stomach Fat by Not Exercising?

You can lower your body fat by simply adjusting your calorie intake.
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The best way to lose fat and keep it off is to follow a healthy eating plan and exercise regularly. When you do both at the same time, you'll end up burning more calories than you take in and lose fat. It's going to be more difficult and take longer, but it is possible to lose fat by just making changes to what you eat and drink. You may or may not lose the fat in your stomach, depending on genetics.

Losing Fat

For you to lose fat, you’ve somehow got to burn or use up a greater number of calories than you take in through the food and drinks you consume. When you do this, your body has to break down the fat you have stored on your body to use as fuel. Your body also needs fuel to keep your organs running and to maintain the structure of your tissues. Every time you use 3,500 more calories than you take in, you’ll lose a pound of fat.


Exercise significantly contributes to weight-loss efforts because it increases the number of calories that you use per day. Cardio workouts, like running, biking and swimming, can burn a large number of calories in a short amount of time. The more calories you burn, the greater the caloric deficit you create and the more potential fat you lose. You can also create the caloric deficit, albeit at a slower rate, by adjusting your calorie intake.

Calorie Intake

If you’re not going to participate in regular bouts of exercise, you’re going to need to limit the number of calories you consume if your goal is to lose weight. To find out how many calories you should take in every day, you first want to estimate how many calories you burn. Then, you can make adjustments to your eating and drinking habits to make sure that you’re taking in fewer than that value. Women find the number of calories they burn with the equation, 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years).

Targeting the Stomach

Unfortunately, after you've created a caloric deficit with your healthy eating habits, it’s impossible to dictate where your body decides to take fat from. There’s no such thing as spot reduction or targeting where fat loss will occur. But with that said, as you lower your body fat, you will notice differences all over, including at the stomach. Fat loss typically occurs more quickly where a woman puts on fat first, notes Cedric X. Bryant of the American Council on Exercise.

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