Can Exercise Really Tighten Your Butt?

Look sexy in your jeans with a toned, tightened derriere.
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A toned, lifted tush looks great in jeans or a body-hugging dress. You can really tighten your butt muscles with exercise for a better-looking rear view. A combination of cardio to lose fat and strength training to lift and tone the glute muscles will help you achieve your goal. Before you get started on your booty-toning plan, get health clearance from your doctor.

Aerobic Exercise for Fat Loss

    Excess fat in the booty can give your bottom a saggy, unattractive look, and strength training alone isn't enough to help you get rid of the flab. Participate in 150 to 300 minutes of cardio exercise per week to get rid of the flab and reveal the toned glute muscles you're developing. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, walking and biking engage the glute muscles to help you tone them as you burn calories. Keep yourself motivated and avoid exercise boredom by working out with a friend or performing different types of cardio.

Dumbbell Step-Ups

    You'll create a great rear view as you tone and tighten your glutes with dumbbell step-ups. Use the bottom step of a staircase or a step aerobics platform to perform this exercise. Stand in front of the step with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand to challenge your glute muscles further. Step up with your right foot, and then step up with your left. Step down with your right foot, and then follow with the left foot. Perform dumbbell step-ups for one to three minutes, three times per week.

Walking Lunges

    That sexy curve where the back of your thighs meets your derriere can be yours as you tighten your glutes and tone your thighs with walking lunges. Stand with your feet hip-width apart while holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand. You can hold the weights at your sides or rest them on your shoulders throughout the exercise. Take one exaggerated step forward with your right foot. Immediately bend your right knee while maintaining a straight left leg to transition into a lunge. Hold the lunge for one count, and then push off with your left foot to take one exaggerated step forward with it. Repeat until you've performed eight to 24 lunges on each side. Do walking lunges three days per week.

Plie Squats

    A lifted, shapely booty can be yours by doing plie squats three days per week, and you don't even need to be a ballet dancer to do them. Stand with your feet 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart. Turn your toes outward so your inner thighs are facing forward. Draw your abs in and tuck your tush under as you lower into a squat. Keep your knees pointed outward as you lower your body. Rise slowly to standing to complete one repetition. Challenge your muscles further by holding a dumbbell in each hand as you perform plie squats. Aim for eight to 24 plie squats per strength-training session.

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